Porto In Pictures Part 3: Port Wine Tour!

Whilst I was in Porto I went on a Port wine tour! I pretty much never pay for tours, but this one was only €20, I learned loads about Port wine (which I happen to love), and I made friends with lots of Germans and ended up drinking Port wine by the river with new friends! 

This wine tour us a great choice for solo travellers because you get the opportunity to try things you might not be confident enough to do alone, and it’ll make you really appreciate that glass of Port at Christmas because you’ll know the whole backstory behind it!

 If you’re ever in the Porto area take a look here. They also do two free walking tours which will take you all over the city and teach you where to find everything you’ll need for a fantastic trip. I actually did both walking tours in one day, which was about 7 hours of walking in one day, and I would really recommend both of them. 

Before I came to Portugal I knew next to nothing about the country, and now I feel so much more informed about Portugal’s history and Europe in general. Travel is awesome. Here are some pictures from the Port wine tour!

So much port!


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